Day 1

I decided this morning, after listening to a fellow Crossfitter talk about primal eating leading to feeling better and in turn getting "cut," that I was going to give primal/paleo eating another shot. I tried this previous winter, and am still trying every day. But, I have "fallen off the wagon" recently, I guess that I decided that if Dr. Oz says I can eat whole grains it's ok. ...I do have a lot of energy, but not enough! I want to come home from a WOD and not feel like I need to chill for an hour before I start my day. So at Lunch today I am starting the primal again. One day at a time I hope that I can do least for 30 days....probably won't be able to give up the beer though.

Breakfast(Pre WOD): Peaches and Cream Quaker
WOD: Strength: 3-3-3 Deadlifts 1-15 Endurance
21-15-9 OHS, Chest to Bar pull ups
Breakfast(Post WOD): Panera 4 Cheese Soufle

Lunch: Paleo Kit
Snack: Banana
Snack: EAS Protein Shake

Dinner: 4oz filet, roasted Veggies
Snack: Strawberries