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Thread: What causes this kind of constipation??

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    Vitamin C also helps with constipation. We take 800 mg Magnesium and 1000 mg Vit. C every day. If I get irregular, I will take 1000 mg chewable vit. C per hour until I get relief, not to exceed 10,000 mg a day.
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    I've had this problem most my life and what helped is absolutely no grains and no cheese, and eventually getting of inflammatory foods (try autoimmune protocol). Also, if you have the urge, don't wait for a convenient time- do it right then, if possible. I think busy schedules and shyness can disrupt a body's natural inclination to go. And you may not be ready to go at the same time each day. Just a few things that really helped me.

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    Don't forget squatting to make it easier for whatever there is to come out. This won't solve the consistency problem (good luck with figuring it out, as you can see from all the different advice, there are a lot of things that may be impacting it), but that might take a while to correct, and squatting will help with ease of defecation until and after you get it sorted out.

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    I know people around here say don't drink too much water, but that sometimes helps me. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't, but I do think you should just listen to your body. Maybe try a little water. It is certainly cheap and easy.

    I also like Natural Calm magnesium. There's also something called Mag 07 by Aerobic Life. I like these kind of mag cleansers, they oxygenate the colon. You have to start small with them. But, they don't cause cramping. Every body is different, of course.

    You could also keep a food journal. That might tell you a lot.


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