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Thread: Off the wagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandygurl2 View Post
    I was talking care of my mom and she was in the hospital for a little while. Hospital food is not primal so I stopped primal. Well that was last week and I'm finding hard to start again. I think it is the ease of not watching what I put in my mouth and the Halloween candy.

    I ant to start again but lack motivation. Not even working out. Any ideas to help me get over the hump? Thanks

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    Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she's doing better.

    Some things that helped me get out of my months-long funk and back onto the primal/paleo bandwagon:

    Get outside and go for a walk. Feel the sun on your face. When you're ready, maybe even add a sprint.

    Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy, clean foods. Don't worry about things like IF or no snacking; for now, eat when you're hungry, but eat to fuel yourself and feel good about yourself: meats, eggs, fish, fowl, veggies, fruits, coconut oil, hazelnuts. Slice up some bell peppers or cucumbers and keep in baggies/containers.

    Start your day with a glass of room-temp water with the juice of 1/2 lemon squeezed into it.

    Indulge in a homecooked meal of scrambled eggs with fresh sauteed veggies and bacon (especially uncured bacon).

    I find that starting the day in a healthy way keeps me motivated throughout the day -- "I'm doing so well, I want to keep doing well." So I reach for the apple instead of the (low-quality, highly processed) chocolate if I want something sweet.

    You've done it before. You absolutely can do it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    These situations are interesting. Why is eating well hard? You gotta take a look at what you actually believe about eating good food. I look at eating paleo/primal food as loving myself. Caring for my needs.
    This is the kind of mindset that makes it easier to choose good food over crap food. If you don't love your body and value what it can do for you, you have very little motivation to be kind to it.

    And every single bite is a choice. The last bite and the next one are only linked if you decide they are. If you practice choosing, over time it will get easier. The bad choices will matter less and less. But it's hard to get there unless you feel some affection for your body.

    Hope your mom is doing better.
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    I know what you are going through it happen to me but mine was almost 1 year and gained the 35 lbs I had lost back! So trust me I am trying also my motivation is looking at myself in the mirror and saying do I really want to look like this?

    Hit it hard!

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