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Thread: Primal MMA diet... not working for me!

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    Primal MMA diet... not working for me!

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    long time reader of the daily apple, but only recently decided to create an account. anyways, i train 8-10 times per week, and most of it is moderate to high intensity training. i have to be careful with my diet, because i need to keep my weight in a certain range. but i can't figure out an ideal macronutrient ratio...

    i have been trying to eat carbs only prior to my workouts, and eat lots of fats at other times of the day. but being an athlete, and needing tons of energy, i am not sure this is ideal.

    in fact, since i started eating a lot more fats, my sleep quality has diminished greatly. check out this thread ( )

    how much saturated fat do we actually NEED for optimal health? membrane integrity, brain, hormone production, etc.

    oh yes, i have started moving more towards a 'primal' diet.

    CARB sources:
    -sprouted brown rice
    -pumpkin, squash
    -sweet potato
    -white potato
    -occasionally some fruit

    FAT sources:
    -eggs & meat
    -grass-fed RAW butter and heavy cream
    -olive oil (extra virgin), coco oil, red palm oil

    PROTEIN sources:
    -vegan protein powder (pea, hemp, rice, etc)
    -beef ORGANS: mainly just raw liver & heart

    plus a great variety of vegetables and bone broth

    and that's pretty much it... i was reading on either mercola or masterjohn's site that we should limit poultry intake and replace with ruminant animal sources instead. i'll have to dig deeper on that, but i am pretty sure it has something to do with PUFA intake

    reason for this diet:
    -avoiding wheat and grains (to eliminate gluten and phytic acid, as well as insulin spikes from the grains)
    -greatly reduce intake of PUFAs, and replace with saturated fats and MUFAs (no more nuts or seeds for me)

    my only real problem from eating this way is the affect on my sleep... is there anything that i should add or remove from my list of daily foods?

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    I would ditch the protein powder and eat more meat and eggs. That's just me though. I try to avoid supplements.

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    Why vegan protein? How about whey protein and adding some cottage cheese into your diet as well? Why no lean muscle meats?

    From my personal experience, I fought some amateur MMA fights that I made weight for by going full keto, but apparently not everyone responds as well to that. I was training about that often, and there was always a week or so where I felt sluggish in training, but after pushing through it, I had all the energy in the world.
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    "carbs only prior to my workouts"

    Why is this? Guys like Berardi, Keifer et al indicate that carbs post workout better take advantage of insulin sensitivity especially for demanding sports like MMA. Might help your sleep problem as well to get some carbs before bed.

    Like RichMahogany above, I also find going full keto helps me make weight (and coincides as well with the last week of fight camp, when your activity level should be tapering anyway).

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