I was just wondering if any one else out there is combining Primal with H.I.T style weigh training.
I had been using HIT for about 6 months, and making some great muscle and strength gains.
My problem was that I was TOO Fat to show it off.

So after Primal changed my Life, I have now been using Primal and HIT to reach my goals.

My Results
BF% 27% - 15-16% Currently
Adding Lean Muscle - So the tape measure and mirror tell me..
Strength - Every workout I am easily adding reps or weigh.

For me It has been a great combination..as I am not spending an excess of time in the Gym.
(15-20 min once every 7 days) As opposed to the 4-6 hours a week I was spending.

I am not doing any cardio other then a few minutes of sprinting once every other week.
It is very hard to over train, as H.I.T places a lot of focus on rest and recover to allow the body to complete the process of laying down new muscle.

For those wondering what H.I.T is read below..
It is not the same as H.I.I.T or High intensity interval training.

H.I.T is a weight training style that involves very short very intense workouts.
Followed by letting the body fully recover and heal before hitting the gym again.
First developed by Arthur Jones - Nautilus
Gained Popularity under Pro BodyBuilders - Mike & Ray Mentzer, and Casey Viatror
Has been used by many natural bodybuilders to reach maximum genetic potential with out the added recovery improvements of steroids.

After a warm up...

1 Working Set per exercise to Positive Failure
1-2 Sets per body part Max
3-5 Set per workout MAX

Once a workout is completed, the focus is on rest and recovery. Based on the body having a limited ability to recover from extremely stressful exercise. Recover range is based on the level of the trainee and personal recovery abilities. Could be anywhere from 4-14 days between weight training session.

My Current workout looks like this..

Workout 1
Superset (done right after each other no rest) {
Flies 1 Set 6-10 to positive Failure
Chest Press - 1 4-8 reps Set to Failure
Close Grip Lat Pulls 1 Set 6-10 Reps to Failure
Seated Row 1 Set 6-10 Reps to Failure

Rest 4 - 9 days and recover

Workout 2
Superset (done right after each other no rest) {
Leg Extension 1 Set: 7-12 reps to Failure
Leg Press or Squat 1 Set: 7-12 to Failure
Leg Curls 1 Set: 7-12 reps to Failure

Rest 4-9 Days and recover

Workout 3
High Pulls - 1 Set 6-9 reps to Failure
Curls - 1 Set 6-9 Reps to Failure
Tricep Press 1 Set 6-9 Reps to Failure
Dips - 1 set to failure