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Thread: Reasons Not To Fall Off The Primal Bandwagon

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    Interesting timing for this topic. I never thought I'd fall off the wagon, simply because I wasn't craving processed food or grains anymore.

    But then we moved to a different state and ended up staying in a hotel for awhile where we didn't have any transportation for a week (we were going to borrow my mom's car for awhile, but as luck would have it, the brakes went out like the day before we got here). So we ended up living on delivery pizza and whatever we could buy from the local food and liquor store--which was a bit of a far walk for us. I ended up eating pb&j sandwiches and ramen as well. The only healthy stuff available was the free fruit from the lobby, which isn't very filling, so it's not like I could live on it.

    I actually did enjoy the junk food, but I felt bloated and ... err ... spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Now we do have the car and I have much better food options, but now I'm craving sweets, and even things like toast with jam, like crazy. It's a pain. Doesn't help that my computer is set up in the dining area, so any bad stuff I'm craving is literally within arms reach when I'm at my computer =P
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    Even at my new lower weight, I still have flab that I don't like. I would be so depressed and disgusted with myself if I went back up to my old weight, maybe 10 to 12 more than what I am now.

    I always compare the primal discipline to AA. Abstinence from wheat has to be my mind-set. I have not cheated with cookies, cakes, or pasta once. I fear the slippery slope.

    In the first few months of my journey, I read a post of some forum that said, "A monthly cheat becomes a weekly cheat becomes a daily cheat, and then you're back to where you started from." Those words stuck with me and helped me a lot.

    Enjoy what you are allowed in primal.

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