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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Meeses)

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    I have challenged myself to work "play" into my life, because this is the Primal Blueprint rule I have the most trouble with. I've made headway on primal eating, exercise, sleep, etc., but I CANNOT play to save my life.

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    Day 1

    I'm on vacation this week, so that's a head start.

    Leave it to me to make "play" a challenge to be tackled with grim determination. Guess I'll have to grit my teeth and bear it, huh?

    Play activities undertaken today (with gritted teeth and grim determination):

    1) Skipping

    2) Hopscotch

    3) Jumping rope

    4) Throwing stones in the river

    5) Kicking a sturdy wooden garbage can (as if it were a heavy bag)

    Day 1 report: none of this felt particularly "fun" or "lighthearted," but it did get me out in the sunlight. My inner monologue ranged from "You're so f#%^ing fat and should be running instead" to "What do you think YOU'RE doing?" to "I should have fasted today" to "Why aren't I BETTER at this????"

    So you see what I'm up against: a brain that thinks I'm lying to it every time I propose a positive thought.

    Still. Favorite activities today were throwing rocks in the river and kicking the trash can.

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    If you can get access to a medicine ball, it's a LOAD of fun to slam that as hard as you can on the ground...a lot.

    I think throwing kettlebells in the backyard might be fun...

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    Well I love all your choices for playing! Might try just shutting the brain down so the negative self talk doesn't make it all drudgery though. Keep at it!

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    Your determined effort to play is awesome. haha. I hardly ever play now that "my" kids are gone (I taught in my house this school year).

    I need to find a jumprope too! And I want a hula-hoop but the kid-sized ones are no good. It has to be really big otherwise it's like some frantic ridiculous convulsion to keep it off the ground.

    Will listening to music make your internal dialogue a little quieter?

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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    Thanks guys! My internal monologue is louder than Nine Inch Nails. It's really annoying!

    I like the medicine ball idea. My favorite play thus far has been kind of destructo-play.

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    Day 2

    Aided by sunny weather, I did the slow walk thing to the park by the river. On the way, I purchased one of those small rubber balls. Once at the park, I tossed the ball and chased it around for a bit, then kicked a trash bin for a while.

    When I got home, I juggled for about 3 minutes. But I learned how to do this (on the beginner's level!) in a college psychology class, so my brain might still interpret is as homework rather than play.


    Maybe I should watch some actual children, to see what they do.

    Maybe I should purchase this book: Y766WCGM775

    Shape magazine (I still read it, even if most of their advice is wrong) says you should replace the word "should" in your mind with the word "want." As in, "I WANT to exercise after work." But what do you do with the other level of your mind, the one that says "LIAR!"

    I hate being seen eating or exercising. I hate being on display to be judged or even encouraged. (Doesn't encouragement imply some sort of judgment?) I was an only child, so I was never really socialized to play games. By the time I got to day care it seems like I always capitulated, let other children get what they wanted, and played to lose, because I wanted them to like me. I wanted them to stay my friends. It was a double edged sword, because of course I resented them for always getting their way.

    But at this point, who's to say what my way even is? And which would be the cause, which the effect? Maybe these are just narratives I confabulate for myself to explain observed behavior.

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    I have been keeping up with your Twitter posts and plan to read up on your journal.

    I know most people don't think of it this way, but traditional play is hard for me... so I consider my yoga time as play. It is relaxing, and it gives me the same feeling as play is intended to. It's part of my "me time". I think it should count, then.

    Maybe there's something you enjoy doing that is play time for you, but not what most people consider to be play time.... just a suggestion.

    "The rose petal floats on water. The kingfisher flashes above the pond. Life and beauty swirl in the midst of death."

    -al'Lan Mandragoran
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    "Play" has a different definition for everyone. Hopscotch would not be play for me. I din't like it when my kids were young...don't plan to take it up now.

    I love to walk and hike in scenic areas. You need to keep working on finding your "play" sounds like you enjoyed walking or perhaps biking, paddling, etc.

    I read an article a couple of days ago...may have been by Mark...about sledge hammer work outs. Get a tire and a sledge hammer and pound away!

    If you can juggling join a group and see if it could be "play".

    Keep working at itand I'm sure something will stick. Good luck!

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    Thanks, guys!

    I've tried yoga, and it wasn't for me. Yes, the trick is finding some kind of play that works for you. It's been 32 years and I am still looking, so I shall keep on keeping on. :-)

    As a city girl, I never learned how to ride a bike (or drive!). I live in a 2nd floor apartment and have no place to store a tire. But! I DID order a sledgehammer from Amazon. Muahahahaha.

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