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Thread: More reason to forget about the scales

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    More reason to forget about the scales

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    Something that has bothered me about this way of eating is that whenever I eat a paleo-ish diet I tend to gain weight. My natural response to this is to cut what I'm eating which will lead to cravings which will lead to falling off the boat. However; intuitively I feel great, but also like I'm not really putting on weight. Therefore; I decided to start jotting down numbers, specifically waist circumference in centimeters and weight in pounds.

    These are the results after a month

    1. There is a 10 POUND fluctuation! But compared to waist circumference and in terms of fat mass, the weight fluctuations are somewhat benign.
    2. The linear lines of best fit indicate a DOWNWARD trend for my waist but an UPWARD trend for weight. This indicates an addition of lean body mass
    3. I'm not exercising. The most working out I do is delivering pizza two days a week for about 5 hours a pop. Not Primal I know; but neither is working grave shift, my apologies.


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    /excellent results. Grok on

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