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Thread: A question about eating locally and seasonally in Montreal.

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    A question about eating locally and seasonally in Montreal.


    So living in the great white or soon to be white north. ( Montreal) I have to wonder about this eating locally and seasonally thing. Most everything is done growing locally so just about any veggies I get my grubby woolen covered mits on will be imported. Since there is little left that is in season around here I started to wonder about frequency of nutritional needs and giving up buying imported veggies for the winter.

    If I was to go to eating protein and fats all winter and eschew buying non seasonal non local veggies, How long can one do this before starting to lack nutrition from said veggies? Given that I eat a lot of varied offal, fatty fish and meat cooked as rare as I can get it.

    Obviously olive oil and coconut products could be considered to be unavailable as well.

    I know I can get things like cabbage and tuberous veggies grown local and stored and I will but my question stands, How long can one live before NEEDING the nutrition from veggies?
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