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    spelt, primal or not???

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    I saw Spelt Taggiatelli in the supermarket today. I know here in Holland it's been marketed as THE primal wheat...
    I have no idea about how many carbs it has and honestly I don't care as I'm always so low of carbs that I only reach the 100gram when I eat lots of dark chocolate, so changing that for Spelt pasta won't be bad every once in a while...

    I just wondered who is using Spelt in his/hers Primal diet? is it something that's primal "approved"? What's your experience with it?
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    Not Primal, maybe WAPF-approved. Primal doesn't endorse any grains or pseudo-grains. It gives an indifferent turn of cheek to white rice but doesn't encourage it. Perfect Health Diet gives you more starch and grain options, if you're interested.
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    No, it is grain therefore not primal. However if you fancy some as part of your 20%, it is better than normal wheat.

    I would not want it as pasta, but I have been known to eat a slice of quality sourdough spelt bread with an equal thickness of butter on top.

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    If you are intolerant to gluten, you should avoid this.

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