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    Squash subing for potatoes?

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    Hi y'all! One of my fave meals is roasted chicken w/ taters but I was looking for a substitute for the taters. I was in the produce section last night and stopped in front of the squashes... I LOVE butternut! But I picked up one of the acorn squash and the sticker said "LOW CARB" I was shocked, I can't recall ever seeing that actually labeled on a veggie? I brought a few of those suckers home, sliced 'em in half, put a few spoonfuls of butter in them & roased them in the oven w/ the chicken... YUM NOM NOM! How primal is squash? Should it be used sparingly like sweet potatoes?

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    I eat it quite a bit in the winter (acorn squash). I guess it depends on your goals, but I wouldn't sweat it a couple times a week.

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    try mashed cauliflower instead. Steam the head of cauliflower, and add heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper ( garlic if you like) and mash like potatoes. You will never go back.....

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