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Thread: Ketosis Makes Your Brain Work Better - Article

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    Ketosis Makes Your Brain Work Better - Article

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    Hey everyone! I recently finished a meticulously sourced article about the effects of ketosis on the brain. Thought you all here might enjoy it.

    Ketosis makes your brain work better | Aaron Moritz

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    Thanks Aaron. It is indeed meticulously researched and sheds light on the mechanisms of ketosis. I feel challenged because, not only am I not a doctor but I have never studied biology either, so making sense of this can be difficult. Your explanation is clear enough for a numpty like me to work through.
    In the past year I have discovered that I am gluten, grain, dairy and legume intolerant.

    I am trying to make sense of it all through my blog:

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    I'll check on through that post and your blog. Cheers!


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    Thank you so much for this great article.

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