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Thread: Best techniques to rectify hunched shoulders

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    Best techniques to rectify hunched shoulders

    Hi folks,

    I have had the problem of hunched shoulders since time immemorial. I have a desk job which worsens the problem. A lot of other problems started cropping up lately, like

    • Pain in pectoral region and upper chest.
    • General feeling of "muscle pulls" in the neck and chin region.
    • Digestive issues, like a feeling of congestion around the throat.

    Note: This sounds scary from the heart perspective, but I have got my tests done, and heart issues have been ruled out.

    Because of these issues, regrettably, I don't feel like exercising due to fear of aggravating or worsening the pain.

    A nice general intro guide to rectifying posture (especially shoulders) would be helpful. Any opinions are most welcome.

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