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Thread: Is it just me that craves gourmet dinners?

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    me too, My really influenced me this way. Though I am starting to really crave curry. But we do not eat out at all.

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    I think I understand what you mean. There are a few restaurants in my area that offer a good variety of meat plus veggie meals. They are more expensive than, say, Applebee's. But recently a new farm-to-table type place opened and every single thing on their menu included some sort of grain. It irritated me so much I almost sent them an email expressing my irritation.
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    I cook better than almost any restaurant. You have to take me to some place where dinner for two will be $200 and then the food will be better than mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I cook better than almost any restaurant. You have to take me to some place where dinner for two will be $200 and then the food will be better than mine.
    Absolutely. There's nothing worse than feeling that you could have cooked a better meal yourself.

    However.... We have an entertainment book which gives us 2-for-1 deals on all the best local restaurants. The deals don't seem quite that special in your book, but maybe there's some things there that work for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I cook better than almost any restaurant. You have to take me to some place where dinner for two will be $200 and then the food will be better than mine.
    I agree. I can buy a duck for $15, roast it for hours seasoned with just salt, store a bunch of awesome duck fat, cook some vegetables in some of it, and wind up with a much better meal than most restaurants for cheaper than the average fatass spends for a "meal"at McDonald's. Gourmet food is usually very simple compared to cheap processed crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I cook better than almost any restaurant. You have to take me to some place where dinner for two will be $200 and then the food will be better than mine.
    What time can we come over?

    Seriously though; I love my home cooked meals, but frequently end up eating out because thats what my friends want to do on their birthdays or whatever. Which can suck; tonight it possibly shaping up to be such an occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Where I live, good meals are available for a substantial price. I understand that places like San Francisco have good eats at reasonable prices. Cooking at home has become what I do. I'd really love to eat at high end places, but I won't pay top dollar for shit food. Even if you have a show on

    There is nothing wrong with appreciating good food. I don't mean snobby gourmet food. I mean REAL food. Real food cooked simply, yet thoughtfully, is astounding. You have to become your own 5 Star chef. And do some research on restaurants that cook the way you want to eat. I spent a fair amount of today *hungry* because I was away from home and there were no quick, tasty food options available.

    Last weekend our family had the most horrible (awesome) fast food. A very rare occurrence. For some odd reason I was craving poutine and nothing was going to stop me Enough food for 3 people was split 4 ways and cost $28. Even my reluctant foodie hubby said, "couldn't we eat steak at home for that price?" Um, we could have home cooked steak dinner for 4 with all the fixin's TWICE , for the price of one disgusting (delicious) drive thru meal. (it was delicious at the time. When I look back now, I'm kind of sickened by the thought of it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    No, I love good food as well.

    But, I see two things here.

    Firstly, why are you hungry at lunch time? You eat breakfast at home, right?

    When we're having a 'date night', we are usually eating at about 8pm (usually before 6pm because of the kidlies). And I find that I usually only start to feel hungry about 7.30pm, when I'm sitting in the restaurant waiting for the food to come.

    Secondly, I don't expect good/gourmet food from a cafe. I expect it from a high end restaurant.
    Breakfast had been a bit minimal, as there was only one slice of bacon left, so I had that with a couple of tomatoes and an apple. Feeling fine at that point. By lunchtime I wasn't growling hungry, but I was ready to eat, and in the absence of salmon, I ate a very small satsuma, an even smaller apple from the garden, and one of my mum's homemade pumpkin GF muffins. (I'm 41, but my mum still sends me home with cake when I see her - I think she worries that I don't eat enough).

    I wasn't really hungry until about 5pm, but then I had to drive home, dinner wasn't cooked until about 7pm and by then I was a bear with a very sore head. I do get cranky if I don't eat proper food!

    I also need to eat enough or I lose weight. I skipped breakfast earlier in the week - I'm sometimes not hungry until about 11 am - and was 2lb lighter the next day. I'm at least a lb lighter this morning even though I had a 1000 calorie dinner when I got back last night. I've lost about 20lb in the last two years without meaning to, and although I'm quite happy with my weight at present, I'd really like not to lose any more.

    I don't expect gourmet food from a cafe, but this particular one has served me decent meals in the past, based on real food rather than stodge. With hindsight, I should have asked them to prepare a piece of salmon that hadn't been gluten-ed and serve that with the green beans and potatoes they had anyway. Unfortunately my logical brain had completely deserted me... for me this seems to be one of the side effects of needing food! That's the hardest part to deal with.

    I've always been this way about food, long before I had restrictions on my diet or any real knowledge about the nutritional content of what I'm eating.

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    I'm 23 and will basically eat anything. That said I would rather go hungry than eat crap, hence me being on a 20 hour fast when I went paintballing because I forgot to pack food and all they had was Pizza Hut pizza. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    Luckily I have no food allergies though I am a bit sensitive to gluten and starches.
    But when I go out for dinner you won't find me being difficult about the menu. I don't eat the bread the serve and I always ask for unbreaded meat with the sauce as a side dish.

    Last time I went out for dinner and just ordered the meat. I ask them to do the meat with out salt. That means they have to cook it in olive oil or coconut oil as all other oils and butters contain salt and they make it fresh.

    If you are craving gourment meal you shoud give in Primal style. Just make all sorts of delicious meats, primal sauces, veggies, stews, etc and eat! Don't worry about left-overs, they will be breakfast or lunch for the rest of the week.
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