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    Some people who are gluten-sensitive react to oats the same as wheat, so I don't eat them anymore. But I enjoyed them with sausage meat and cheese in them.

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    The chickens love them. Lol.
    I use them when making apple/fruit crumble for dessert, which is a once in a while (mostly in winter) kinda thing.

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    According to me - better than junk. Even if it's tasteless, I have pretty much got used to eating them plain.

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    Every time I ate oats I would be starving within half an hour of eating them. I don't understand how they could keep anyone full for any length of time.

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    I loved oats, when I was doing jujitsu 3 nights a week on top of lifting weights and doing chronic cardio, oats was a staple in my house. I miss them sometimes. I have some steel cut gluten free oats I haven't even opened since reading PB, not sure if they are considered PB????

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    Ahhh oats. A bodybuilders staple breakfast. Gone are the days of 1 cup (and during mass season anywhere near 2) of oats with a banana and cinnamon (and near the end of it's stay as my daily breakfast fountain of carbs phyto-berry, which was AWESOME)

    I do miss it, and one of my last few times having oats was my mim making honey oats peanut butter chocolate chip balls. Fantastic. Plus nothing beats an apple cobbler made with oats (amazing).

    All this to say i haven't had oats or brown rice in a long time, and they were both staples in my bodybuilding life. Do you think the body can ever tolerate these things after a certain while? Almost like building an antibody to it?

    Haven't had oatmeal or brown rice in almost 2 months

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    Oats suck.

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    Meh. I used to eat them but now I don't see the point. I survived on oats & pb in college though.

    I bought a box of honey nut Cheerios a while back as a treat but it is stale and there is still 2/3 left...

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    If you like to eat horse food on occasion, get the gluten free stuff and enjoy as part of your 20%.

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    Oats are best eaten with apple crisps, in my opinion. I eat oatmeal occasionally.

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