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Thread: Have you gotten sick after starting PB?

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    It's been 10 months and I have never gotten sick. I take the subway/bus often and I am constantly around sick people.
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    I got sick once this winter, after being stuck in a tiny Honda for 3 hours with a very sick woman who sneezed and coughed all over me. I started to get sick on Sunday, and by Tuesday morning, I was chipper and ready to go. That's a turnaround time I can deal with.

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    Thanks all for your replies. I think this probably does have something to do with my immune system just not being up to snuff yet. I'm still struggling with balancing my gut flora even though I've been drinking kefir, I think I need a broader spectrum probiotic. I'm convinced that the "lump" in my throat is a swollen lymph node, it hasn't gotten any bigger over the years and since it's come and gone it doesn't seem like a cyst or anything. I think maybe I just over worked myself this week physically and maybe wore myself down + not eating enough due to poorness. That's all better now so I'm going to be loading up on good foods this week and ordering my supplements. It seemed a little better when I woke up this morning so, here's to hoping.

    ps..I had my tonsils out when i was a kid. I had strep throat like three or four times a year and lived on antibiotics. Between that and the shit SAD-poor$$ diet my mother had me on as a kid I'm so lucky that I haven't come down with something way serious by now.

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