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Thread: Abby McAbs and the missing definition

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    Abby McAbs and the missing definition

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    So guess it might do me good to have a journal for this.

    It's half past midnight where I am, so technically this means I'm on the 3rd day of my 90 day challenge to find my missing muscle definition. It's there, oh it's there.. I can vaguely glimpse shades of it in the mirror when the lighting is just right (and I stand straight and remember to flex till it hurts), but it's not quite there yet.
    I love my body. My body is awesome. And I look good naked, just like most people do. Clothes make people look like they're not quite right. Because clothes are made for imaginary average sizes and people come in varieties of limb length and shape and shade. But now, after losing a good 20kg last year on a paleo-like eating plan (that did include some rice), I want to see what I can really do when I apply myself to actually shaping my body. I want to see where I can take myself as far as my performance goes while still having fun and not just what do I get when I do as much as the average person who isn't that interested in sports.

    I want to see my abs. And I want to be able to buy pants more easily.. though that's really more of a manufacturer's fail than mine, but hey ho, it's a goal! But yeah, let's see how much I can whittle my legs down in 90 days.

    Eating plan is plant-heavy paleo, exercise about twice a day (1,5-2 hours all together) now that I'm unemployed, we'll see how I'll modify that when/if I get a job that requires me to go outside. Job that does not require me to go out every day would be good too. Not that I don't like the outdoors, I just have a problem with authority.

    Plus, writing this is good practice for all the other writing I'm supposed to be doing. Probably will get into that more in some other post.

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    Excuse me while I whine about things that aren't an issue

    This is not an issue for me. Not anymore. And as far as I'm concerned, it wont be every again. BUT(T) in the interest of people who can cope better on SAD and have no interest in changing their diets to work on their health and by Jove everyone has to have the freedom to eat as healthy or unhealthy as they please, this is most definitely an issue and the most insidious kind of deceitfulness!

    What am I on about? Cookies! And not just cookies but biscuits and cakes and savoury pastries of the gluten-free kind!
    You see, it just so happened today that I was at the store and hadn't eaten properly all day and was sort of hungry so I flopped around to the gluten-free section and thought idly about maybe possibly mayhaps getting something pre-made because it was convenient and I was really kind of hungry. I've been reading labels for years. I've been gluten free because of my coeliac for 10 years or so, so I learned to read ingredient lists and then I REALLY learned to read the ingredient lists because as people who are on this board might know, it's not just the products that list grains or "Caution, may contain traces of gluten" on their packaging. It's also the items that list unspecified starches (if you're in Europe that's usually starches from wheat where as the same would mean starches from corn in the US), maltodextrin, glucose-fructose syrup, glucose, and unspecified syrups that contain enough grain residue or gluten to mess with your digestive track. To make a stupidly messy situation easy: don't ever buy or eat pre-made stuff. You will save yourself a lot of time and headache. Anyhow. My headache is not the point. The point is that I was looking at the pre-made cookies with the vague hope of buying some to get something in my mouth quickly and then remembered that I should check the label for my new food intolerances. You see, even though I've been gluten free for 10 years and I don't really eat those pre-made foods, for some reason I started getting some quite worrying intestinal trouble from pseudo grains a little while back. This had me mightily worried and pissed off. After 10 years?! How?! Why?! What the hell was going on?! Why are eggs giving me grief now?! No!!! Don't take away my eggs!!!
    I read up on cross reactivity a little and got more worried. Apparently if you have coeliac AND some nasty ole degenerative disease, you can get cross reactions from pseudo cereals AND eggs, AND dairy AND chocolate because the lining of your intestines is so worn out by the coeliac that your body can't differentiate between the protein in grains (gluten) and the protein in pseudo cereals (like quinoa and teff) and eggs and dairy.

    There's a lot of stuff there one would not like to hear: degenerative disease, worn out intestines, body can't differentiate between nutrients. So how.. how would my intestines get more worn out and not better when I was eating a pretty healthy diet and not having any grains with gluten in them?

    The answer was in the cookies.
    Because I was having gluten. I was having items that were made of grains even though the package says I wasn't. And in the past I had been pretty good with checking even these "gluten free" pre-made goodies, but there were a few brands that I had read the ingredients list before and either the consistency had changed or the ingredients list was more complete now because there it was: glucose. In all of my favourite "safe" obviously-not-so-gluten-free goodies.

    This ain't right. Naturally it makes my life that much easier; I'd rarely buy that stuff anyway since it was loaded with sugar and preservatives and was ridiculously expensive, and now I have a damn good reason to avoid all of it completely, but what about the other people? The ones who are diagnosed with some sort of a gluten or grain intolerance and who continue to eat this stuff because it's labelled gluten-free (when it isn't) and the official coeliac association guidelines that allow food items to be labeled gluten-free when there's less than 0,3% of the original gluten left (meaning there's still gluten in it). How does this make sense?!

    Yup, I'm pretty angry about food manufacturers toying with people's health just because it would be just too damn inconvenient to stop adding non-foods into your actual food.

    So now I'm back to almost square one. Cutting anything but fresh produce out of my diet and keeping my fingers crossed that my intestinal track will now actually start healing itself so I wont have to give up eggs and maybe in the future, I might even enjoy some dairy.

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    5th day out of 90

    Dinner today was turkey curry with wild mushrooms (which I love and were going bad so I had to use them for something even though curry is never the best place to put your wild mushrooms in as the flavour gets completely lost), and okra.
    And of course my hands now smell like vomit. Okra, oh okra, you're delicious but why you make me stink so?

    Only did a very light total body workout and 20 minutes of jumping rope. Doing a mega workout tomorrow.

    And I've apparently acquired a stalker. Not in any welcome or cutesy way. An actual online stalker. I'm taking the lesson from this that when I see red flags when conversing with people, I heed those red flags and will not make excuses based on not wanting to be too blunt.

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    10th day out of 90

    It's still pretty early in the morning here. I haven't measured myself in any way, but I can see a difference in my mid section. Will probably do some measuring this Sunday to see a comparison.
    I tried, I really did try to do the full 1hour workout this morning, but body just went nope. Nope, you are not doing 2 minutes of mountain climbers AND 2 minutes of jumping lunges AND 2 minutes of burpees today. Not after the half an hour of working on your abs. Not going to happen. So I did half of it and will try to do something extra for my second workout in the evening.

    On the food side, I found something that tastes to delicious that my brain automatically told me this couldn't be healthy. Microwaved bananas with cinnamon. Just chopped bananas in a bowl with cinnamon on top, microwaved until it's soft. There has to be some magic that happens there that makes it all convert to pure sugar and testosterone or similar.
    But it's so good... like eating those deep friend bananas at the Chinese restaurant, only without the doughy exterior and the whatever oil they dunked them into. And without sprinkles. Not sure how traditionally Chinese sprinkles are. I never really cared for them but ate out of courtesy.
    Ah.. SAD life...

    But yeah, in case I don't find anything to oppose me microwaving a few bananas every now and then, this is going into my regular treats.

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    So I'm basically 2 weeks in and dug out my measuring tape and did some measuring. Minus 2cm (0,8inches) on the waist, the same on the hips, but nothing on the legs. +1cm (0,4inches) on the calves. Which is sort of funny since I was just looking at my calves the other day and thinking there was some nice muscle there. Welp, apparently I was right. Not that this was the sort of development I was hoping for. I want to get boots. Adding lean muscle to my already powerful calves is not going to get them to fit into boots any better.

    Need to get back on my cardio and stop using 10-15 minutes of jumping rope as a good enough alternative just because the weather is kind of a bummer. Which is it. But it always looks so much worse than it actually is once you get outside.

    Spell check is complaining that cardio is not a thing.

    Have been lusting after chicken legs this week. Chicken baked in the oven until the skin and meat just falls off it. My internal moral authority says there's something wrong with that line of thinking. Possibly it's worried that I'm objectifying the birds too much.

    I've been on a number of dates this past week. All wonderful, intelligent, respectful and clean shaven. The guys weren't bad either. But there's no romantic spark with any of them. Sometimes I wonder if my romance- and sex-gland is broken.

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    Birkenstocks & hairy arm pits.
    Sounds like you're doing great! The bananas and cinnamon sound delicious. I don't have a microwave, but bananas sauteed in a little butter or coconut oil come out really gooey and sweet also.

    Spell check always gives me a red squiggly for "carbs" also.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Sounds like you're doing great! The bananas and cinnamon sound delicious. I don't have a microwave, but bananas sauteed in a little butter or coconut oil come out really gooey and sweet also.

    Spell check always gives me a red squiggly for "carbs" also.
    I tried frying them but my bananas were probably not-that-ripe since they turned up all starchy.

    It's like spell check is trying to control our brains. Carbs are totally a thing. So is cardio. I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR STATUS QUO APPROVED WORLD VIEW, SPELL CHECK!! AND DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME QUO IS NOT A WORD!!!

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    Because of possibly hormone related irrational chocolate cravings, I have been inhaling Conscious Chocolate (Love Potion No. 9) today instead of eating actual food. I regret nothing. You wouldn't either if you'd lived a day on dairy- and gluten-free chocolate that combines the best parts of turkish delights with chocolate.

    Feel a tiny bit loopy. Wait, no...... yeah, never mind, I do feel a little loopy.

    Since getting rid of dairy in all it's forms, I've noticed that not only did my scalp stop shedding everywhere, but my ears have virtually no wax. I have stopped producing excess wax out of my body. I feel this is impressive but am slightly saddened by the loss of getting to dig deep into the ear canal with q-tips. I'll have to start getting my kicks elsewhere.

    Looking at various fitness and life style blogs I follow on Tumblr, plus my own, I've decided to make my own life look like the pictures on the blogs. This decision has made me tremendously happy. Possibly I should've figured this out earlier.

    I spent 5 hours hunting down a specific knitted hat. I count that as my second cardio for today.

    Edit: looking at my foods and how the body seems to react, it likes low sugar - low(ish) fat with loads and loads of water. Going with this in mind for the next week.
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    The roomies have taken over the kitchen. I've been stuck with eating things that do not need cooking.
    I miss my crunchy salmon.....

    Have done 45 minutes of HIIT+jumping rope so far. Another hour to go in the evening. There's a yet another date (a new person) scheduled before that and I feel all weepy and emotional because of this video:

    I'm not saying I want to get married. But possibly I am. Damn it YouTube, stop messing with my head!

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