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Thread: Are there any supplements that can curb sugar cravings while "restarting"? page

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    Question Are there any supplements that can curb sugar cravings while "restarting"?

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    I am back after a 3 year hiatus. My main issue is that I'm a big-time emotional eater and crave sweets whenever I'm stressed. Unfortunately, I'm under a tremendous amount of stress lately!

    I know that ketosis will help greatly with the cravings. I haven't begun yet...guess I should start now! I'm just wondering if there is any supplement that I could take for the first 2-3 weeks that would help with cravings.

    Oh and I'm seeking ketosis since I'm about 20-30 lbs overfat. I'm plan to really watch my carbs and limit them to veggies, a little seeds (roasted pumkin), and fermented dairy (greek yogurt, homemade kefir). I know from experience that if I adhere to this type of eating, I feel great and do lose weight.


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    Honestly, I am unaware of any supplements that actually do so. However, it does seem like the combination of a cup of kefir and a tablespoon or two of potato starch curbs addictive cravings for some.

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    Google for chromium picolinate. It doesn't work for everyone ... but I've heard good things from people who have really hard-to-beat sugar cravings.
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    Just find a different addiction.

    Dark Chocolate (I'm going nuts trying to find higher than Lindt 85%)
    Boiled Eggs
    Piece of Fruit
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    The focus should be on the cause of the addiction, not the symptoms.
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    L-Glutamine powder. Mix into a small amount of orange juice or something, skull and in about 10 mins the craving is gone. Works for me anyhow
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    I'm an emotional eater too, and I just limit it to fruit. Can't go too overboard on fruit, your body really won't let you. Too full after a while, especially if you are eating your protein and getting adequate fats (which if you are eating your protein generally you are). Also, sweet potatoes are helpful.
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    I second the l-glutamine suggestion. For me it works best, if mixed with a couple of teaspoons of heavy cream or coconut milk.

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    Try erythritol or xylitol. They cost much more so you are easy on them
    Erythritol is null metabolically, xylitol is different: it can be fermented by good bacteria for butyrate production in the large intestine. Not all of it goes all the way down though, about half is digested by you and turned into glucose ini the liver at a slow rate (thus a low glycemic index if that matters to you). It has the same taste as regular sugar but a little more cooling in the mouth. Your teeth will like it too

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    How about a whey protein shake. This kills my appetite for anything.
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