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Thread: Are there any supplements that can curb sugar cravings while "restarting"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sra1984 View Post
    I'm an emotional eater too, and I just limit it to fruit. Can't go too overboard on fruit, your body really won't let you.
    I think you can overboard because of the fructose ->triglycerides -> bodyfat. There is a limit to fruits if you try to avoid carbs, especially if you eat them in between, because of the blood sugar. But what means "too full"?

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    I used to go for green smoothies in the morning and they worked. Green smoothie as in a smoothie with a single piece of fruit and loads of leafy greens on top of that.
    Other "tricks" are taking a nap when you start craving. Never going hungry. Avoid imagining the sweet things. Tell yourself sure you could have some if you wanted, but you do you really want to because you're just hungry/stressed and the candy is going to do absolutely nothing about either one of those things, it's just going to make you pissed off at yourself and pissed off at candy for no real reason and it's going to mess with your biology. Set a cheat date (like Friday or Sunday) for yourself so you don't get your brain stuck in a "I'm depriving myself/I need to be perfect" loop. Think of sweets as a form of self medication and ask yourself why do you want to keep on taking excessive amount of it... if the medication came in a plastic bottle from a pharmacy, and you kept running back to it as frequently as you are doing now, what would you think then?

    The sweetness in it self is not an enemy, it's the condensed form of it that's in processed white sugar. It's much like taking any sort of drug or supplement.
    I don't know what sort of stuff you've been having, but I'd suggest switching from factory made sweets to dates or other dried (no sugar added) fruit and regular fruit and bit by bit getting used to naturally occurring amounts/tastes of sugar. You only need a few weeks for the store candy to start tasting really funky.

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    L glutamine
    Apple cider vinegar ( take a swig while craving sweets, promise it will cut it)

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