Starting up a journal for tracking food, exercise, and the general venting sessions.

Last year-
I weighed around 128 lb the body fat scale said I was around 24% BF. My weight fluctuated up and down with some binge eating

I weigh 124 lb with a BF of 22-23% Seems as though I lost a little weight but not so much fat, disappointing that my clothing really don't fit any differently

Where I want to be-
I picture myself Weighing 120lb at 18% BF ... Why, I'm not sure. Mostly I am seeking to lose some body fat and get my body regulated. My eating patterns are some times off but I do love good and healthy food. Its my senior year in college and I'd like to leave here healthy. And I've loved reading MDA for a couple years now.

1. BF 18%
2. Head Stand Push Up W/ Wall
3. Increased & Regulated Energy