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Thread: Tips For Surviving At Work During The Holidays

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    Tips For Surviving At Work During The Holidays

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    You all have such good ideas. I was wondering if anyone would share how they are able to keep from being tempted at work during the holidays? Here at my job they are planning holiday meals already. There is a sign up sheet for cakes, pies, breads, and all the other usually holiday food. I know I need to dig deep and use my will power, but does anybody do anything during the holidays at work luncheons to help them not be tempted? In the past I've just not gone in to the room where they've had all the food layed out. I know I appear non social, and I've said in the past that I needed to keep my blood sugar in check (which I do). But people come in to my classroom (seriously), with slices of food, and even asking if I've been in to eat. They all know I'm diabetic. Just curious to see what other people do. Have a great evening.

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    Just. Say. No. If they give you something, toss it in the trash. Or better tell them, you in good conscience, can not eat lavishly while there are starving people in your own community.
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    I'm fortunate enough to work with a celiac, so there's always fruit as an alternative where I am.
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    Huh? You're diabetic. This shouldn't even be a real issue. Just say no. You have a legitimate reason that people should recognize.

    I just eat the REALLY good stuff that's worth it. All the crappy stuff doesn't even register as food at this point.

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    Add another line or two to the list
    . Cooked hot chicken
    . Fresh fruit
    . Nut/dried fruit medley
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    ...small steps....

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    Does everybody bring something? If so, just make sure you bring something you can eat and focus on the things that you can eat and not the stuff that you can't. Planning will help you more than anything in these situations- if you know what is going to be there you can plan a way to participate but not get sucked into the stuff you shouldn't have or don't want. If there's not going to be a ton of stuff you can eat, make sure you bring paleo appropriate snacks and such. Also, there is a benefit in that if you plan to eat a certain way, you are more likely to actually eat that way. Also keep in mind, you have a 20% cushion so if you eat something not on plan on a whim, don't worry about it and get back on board with your next meal. Besides, I have a feeling if somebody asks you why you don't want to eat something, that they will be perfectly understanding if you say, "Well, I really can't- I am diabetic."
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    Quote Originally Posted by sra1984 View Post
    Besides, I have a feeling if somebody asks you why you don't want to eat something, that they will be perfectly understanding if you say, "Well, I really can't- I am diabetic."
    And if they're not, no need to be nice. "Diabetics who can't stick to their diets end up blind with limbs amputated. Is that what you're wishing for me?" is a perfectly acceptable response to people who won't back off. Seriously!
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    I feel with you. Normally I'm all over the candy and sweet stuff.
    This year however will be different. I just went through a binging weekend with a lot of friend and I feel so awful that I never ever want to feel like this again... So I'm pretty much sure I can so 'No' for a while...

    Other years I'm always the one bringing in the candy but this year it will be different. Online there are so many good recipes for small sugar free low carbs snacks that I'm going to make lots of those so that I have an option to snack on when the bad days are coming.
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    It's okay to lie right to their faces, you know.

    It's not a sin, just a little white lie to stay sociable. Repeat after me: "Yes, I had some of that fudge earlier, wow, I wish I could make fudge that good." There. You won't go to hell for it. Nobody's feelings get hurt. They won't have to gossip about what a health-nut you are. Problem solved.

    Anyway, that's how I handle it these days. My n=1 is that it works for me.
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    I feel for you. I also work at a school and can relate to the idea of huge social meals often full of sugar, and empty calories and very little nutritional value. Being a diabetic you have a legit reason to stay away from the foods but just not wanting to eat them is also legit in my mind. I think staying out of the room is perfectly fine, or staying away from the food in the room works for me. Also you can eat your preferred food prior to going into the room - less hunger, less tempt. Or like others have said bring what you want to/can eat and focus on eating it - this is what I do in these situations.
    Best of luck.
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