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Thread: Are Big Muscles passť ?

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    Question Are Big Muscles passť ?

    As I showered today the soreness in my arms from yesterdays workout took me back to when I was a kid.
    I remembered how good it made me feel to flex my biceps knowing that they were bigger than most of the other kids in my school, I remembered how suddenly I became noticed by girls who would never have given me a second glance before.
    My bedroom was covered in posters of Schwarzenegger and some of the bodybuilding stars back in the 80's.......and a few of women as well, I was a teenager after all !

    The big screen movies were all about muscles and action with names like Schwazenegger, Stallone, Van Damme and Dolph Lungren topping the bill.

    Me and my buddies would look at pictures of Conan and Rambo before working out as if our lives depended on it. After the workouts we'd guzzle down a couple of pints of full fat milk each and work our way through a bunch of bananas while we discussed what were training the following day.

    Now days kids have posters of Justin Beiber and scrawny actors from feel good movies.

    Even the recent thread on this forum about what physique women like became full of swimmers and gymnast types.

    I can remember as a kid watching the Worlds strongest man on TV, it was always on over the Christmas holiday season with the finale being on new years day....that was one of the years highlights for me and my buddies.
    We had the World games which had Bodybuilding as one of it's main events.
    We had the wrestling which everyone watched back then, who didn't know who Hulk Hogan was !!!
    We had the Superstars TV series pitting top athletes from the relative sports against each other.
    We had The Gladiators, huge beasts knocking hell out of entrants half their size.

    The other year when my kid was still in school I asked him how many kids worked out to get bigger, he said none.....WTH !!!

    So are big muscles passť this now the time when skinny nerds with black rimmed glasses and slicked back hair take center stage ?

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