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Thread: Fasting

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    Quote Originally Posted by K.ROB View Post
    True. Fat loss isn't a reason for me to be eating primal. I do it because its how we are supposed to eat.

    Thanks for all the comments. I don't think I will doing a fast anytime soon though.
    There are many studies that explain how intermittent fasting and overall caloric restriction increases longevity, adding years to your life, and slows down the aging process by activating genes that are responsible for cell repair and renewal. I fast for these reasons primarily, and I feel it makes my body stronger. Its a way to challenge the body to increase overall strength, imo.

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    Fasting once a week 17-20 hours keeps me mentally focused & motivated. I need a challenge to keep me going with my weight loss & health plan. It happens to be incredibly easy. After about 4 hours for some reason i lose interest in food
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    These days, I just eat once or twice in the evenings and I don't snack. I really like what fasting does for me and see it as a great too to help me get my body into the condition that I want it.
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