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Thread: Back in the Saddle

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    Back in the Saddle

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    I am in need of some great advice and help...I was doing great on the primal thing till this summer when I ended up working out of town, extra long days etc. I completely went sideways and started eating conventional again. I am on a damn roller coaster now and I can't get off.
    I have tried to get back in the saddle, but sadly, I am weak
    Any advice, ideas, kind words, a swift kick in the a$$ I will take all.
    I need my motivation back and determination. Please help....Thank you all!

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    Do you want to be awesome, or a wussy, unhealthy sad sack?

    You'll go after whichever one you want more.

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    Just take it easy.For today stay under 50 grams of carbs. Rinse and repeat.

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