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Thread: why supplements?

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    why supplements?

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    I am not on this lifestyle change..yet..but have been reading about it.
    one of the statements I read is the fact you will end up getting more nutirients, vitamins, etc from eating this way versus normal way we now eat.

    If that is the case, why do we need to take supplements.

    I currently take fish oil caps, Vitamin D and multivitamins everyday and have done so for quite a few years, so its not a reach for me to do it, just wondering why it would be necessary.


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    From what I gather:

    These days, a lot of us don't get enough Vit. D due to our lifestyles and/or where we live (sun exposure). Also, most of us don't eat enough of those "yummy" (?) organ meats (or a WIDE enough variety of fruits and vege's) that are essential for getting all the goodies that we need to thrive without supplementation --this could be due to ones' tastes or availability.
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    Actually the more PB you get, the less you need supplements. That is a part of the charm. Playing outside, going for long walks = less need for vit d. Fresh fish and better meat = less need for fish oil. Overall better produce, eggs., etc = more vitamins in your diet and less need for a multi.

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    As Jokaman says
    Plus in my case, I'm "broken" so I need extra things to try and compensate. If we'd done things right from birth, we wouldn't be in as much of a bad way.

    Although I agree with tfarny too, in principle. But realistically, no amount of sunshine will fix me

    It's another aspect for each person to play with and see where they fit.

    Cillakat is very hot on supplements - what to take, why, what form, and so on
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    Sometimes you won't get enough of a particular nutrient. Like magnesium for me. So I take a supplement and I am healthier as a result. Or like Jokaman said, perhaps I'm not in the mood for eating the heart of a cow and that's going to mean that I'm not getting much copper today, I will take a supplement. Whatever you feel you aren't getting enough of you should either find a reliable food source for or supplement with it. Nutrient deficiencies aren't fun.
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    You'd have to look into soil science, not drastically, the very basics of it. Simply put: our soil is not what it used to be, along with our bodies (damage wise), so supplements help us achieve better health.

    Paul Chek's How to eat, move, and be healthy has some great info on all subjects holistic health, including basic soil science.

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    personally I view supplementation as insurance for when i dont get the best food/sleep. I have no medical coverage so I consider it an investment in my health/wellbeing.

    Having said that I know very little about the supplements I take/require. Its on the list of things to learn. I never thought I would know as much as I do about nutrition. I have a pretty firm grasp on nutrient rations/ insulin/ omegas... all things that I was clueless about a year ago.

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    thanks all,

    I need to buy the book, but it sounds like the new kit has a lot of info. This site has so much its hard to read it all.
    My wife is already not wanting to do the changes, so it will be harder, but I've been reading about paleolithic for a couple of years and it makes sense to me.

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    I think we are lucky living as we do and being able to check what vitamins / minerals our diet leaves us lacking in order to be able to supplement.

    A hundred or more years ago, most people living here in the UK would consume all of their food from a small area around where they lived - and if the soil was low in any mineral, so would the milk / meat / veg / fruit be - over a long period they could develop a serious imbalance. Which is why those who could afford it so often went to visit a spa town to drink mineral waters - and experienced amazing improvements - until they went back home again to the same deficiency.

    However, their omega 3/6 balance must have been much better! and everything organic....

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    Great question! I'm new to the forum and fairly new to PB but have been interested in "health food" and nutrition for many years. One of the most intriguing answers to your question (as it relates to the supplement Vitamin C) is that humans may have lost the ability to synthesize their own because of an evolutionary mutation in the distant past. According to Dr. Irwin Stone mammals (excepting humans and guinea pigs) are able to produce Vitamin C in the liver. We must find our own supply. Find the full story at

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