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Thread: Portable fat sources?

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    Bottle of MCT oil. No real taste, just a weird sensation but it's something. Get a flask and easy portability. Not very rewarding taste-wise but good fuel for the day.
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    Coconut oil is also portable and non-spoilable. I keep a jar in the office.
    For a treat, macadamia nuts are basically pure O9 fat.
    A small can of cod liver
    Something I hate myself, but some people like - the ghee
    Home-made bacon (or a branch you trust) - you do need a fridge in your room for it
    double cream

    I suggest investing in a thermos or a cooler if the room doesn't have a fridge. I rarely go for a trip without a thermos (broth, tea), tea bags and a few cans of sardines (I know, I may sound mental!)

    Does anybody have experience in regards to the ability of protein to satiate in the absence of carbs or fat?
    Yes, a tuna, eggwhite and spinach/celery smoothie is one of the most satiating things I have ever tried. Spinach may be omitted. I usually do 2 cans of tuna with half a cup or so of egg whites and whatever spice.
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    Liverwurst. Technically, this is supposed to be refrigerated but a small package can be finished off in a day, so if you bought it in the morning, it would be a good all-day snack once in a while.

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