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    Vegetables ... Overrated?

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    I've noticed significant bloating and digestion issues (feeling bloated) when I eat vegetables, especially raw. Leafy greens seem to be OK, and potatoes are fine, but everything else throws me off for the day.

    In not sure whether this was the case before as I ate grains and bloating was always a side effect of eating.

    Thing is I'm worried I NEED to eat vegetables. An I depriving myself nutritionally by staying away? Has anyone else experienced this?

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    No, you don't exactly need to eat vegetables. All the nutrients can be better obtained from animal sources, anyway. Eggs, liver, shellfish (oysters, esp.!), plus some fruit and nuts pretty well have you covered. BUT there are supposed digestive benefits, resistant fiber, etc. that are often toted around here. But if they are causing you pain, then they are clearly not worth it at this point. Especially since you won't be digesting them well, anyway!
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    No need to eat veggies. Eat some organ meats, seafood, and maybe some fruit and you're fine.

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    Once you are convinced the messages that your body is sending you are to be believed (Hint: Must have Pizza and beer messages probably mean you aren't at that stage) you may find that you crave a bit of cabbage or some brussel sprouts...if you do then your body probably needs them. My cat eats all sorts of green twiggy stuff from the garden.
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    I understand that if you're unaccustomed to eating vegetables, certain ones can create bloating and discomfort. You may want to try adding just a little of just one unaccustomed vegetable at a time--to see how you react, and to give your body a chance to adjust.

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    Raw can pose a digestive challenge. Maybe experiment with more steaming or roasting. Blended high-gelatin soups are famous for easy digestion. If you exclude them altogether look for other sources of potassium and vitC.

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    I would suggest anyone who thinks they are doing themselves a favor by not eating vegetables read this.

    The large intestine relies on vegetable matter for it's, and your, health.

    I would suggest if certain veggies don't agree with you, find ones that do. They don't need to be raw. Cooked and fermented veggies may even be better than raw. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, rice, plantains, carrots, garlic, etc.... are all good for the gut!
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    Vegetables contain crucial nutrients, fiber and moisture that you need. With that degree of gut discomfort have you considered that you most likely have leaky gut? There are protocols to follow to heal the lining of the stomach, a tension to follow to prime the liver for digesting fats. You have to heal from a standard American diet and then tee nourish to heal long term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    The large intestine relies on vegetable matter for it's, and your, health.
    I recommend an article on New York website, "Some of My Best friends Are Germs" by Michael Pollan.

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    To answer your original question, Allenete, yes, I believe that vegetables are overrated.

    What I mean by that is that they are often touted as the healthiest substances on earth, and are equivocated with perfect health. I've found this to be embellished quite a bit.

    Vegetables, in general, do contain solid amounts of crucial vitamins and minerals. But it isn't really fair to lump all vegetables together and slap "good" or "bad" labels onto them. You can also get a ton, if not all, of the necessary vitamins and minerals from animal products, fruits, and other foods.

    As you've noticed, some vegetables, particularly when raw, hinder digestion (raw broccoli and kale come to mind for me.) Others improve it (carrots.) Some vegetables are goitrogenic and suppress thyroid function, especially when consumed in raw amounts (cabbage, kale, spinach, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, to name a few), which is certainly not a healthy property. I have been a "healthy" eater for many years and still have never experienced craving dark, leafy vegetables as other have claimed. I used to eat big salads and would have stool containing undigested cellulose and leaves from the veggies. I've never had issues digesting tubers or root vegetables that way, which are the veggies I eat most frequently now.

    My point is, they have a ton of good properties, but they aren't the be all and end all of health. In fact, I personally do much better with fewer above ground vegetable in my diet in favor or root vegetables and tubers. Hope this answers your question haha
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