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Thread: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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    What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

    Since dress-up is my favorite form of PLAY, I will put a lot of effort and creativity into crafting a slutty/gory Vampire Ballerina. I'm going to wear all black- tights leotard tutu and short cape, with ribbons laced up around my calves to simulate pointe shoes. Hair in a fancy bun, natch. Makeup inspired by the Black Swan Natalie Portman

    But with more glitter and blood and chunks from my mouth all the way down my chest.

    Ill probably splatter my tutu with red paint to look like blood.

    I don't tolerate prosthetic teeth well so I'm experimenting with blacking out part of my teeth to give the illusion of pointy fangs.

    I am hoping to win a costume contest at the bar, lolz, everyone needs goals.

    What are YOU dressing up as?

    Post pics!

    I will as soon as I have some!
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