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Thread: When to reintroduce fodmap?

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    When to reintroduce fodmap?

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    When should I, and what does it mean if i react poorly to them? Is ibs the only issue with fodmaps, or are there other digestive disorders related?

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    I guess if you were using FODMAPS as an elimination diet, you could add them back in one by one.

    Isn't the general idea though that FODMAPS foods would be avoided for life? They just aren't a part of my lifestyle.
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    I would add them by group. If you react badly, forget that group for good. My husband is sensitive to one group only (the one that has cabbages, eggplant & onions), that's a relief, and he is not really bad with onions either, thanks goodness. But if he touches eggplant... yakes. So, I now indulge in eggplant on my own. Cabbages, I just make sure he doesn't have them day in-day out. Because we as a family can't live without cabbages.
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    Here's a link to reintroducing foods on the autoimmune protocol, not exactly the same but it may be helpful:
    Reintroducing Foods after Following the Autoimmune Protocol » The Paleo Mom

    Have you gotten relief on fodmap?
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    I would also check out the info from Primal Palate. I don't think you'd want to reintroduce at all unless you've been doing some kind of gut healing protocol with supplements (and I do include bone broth as a supplement).

    How to Heal Leaky Gut - The Food Lovers Kitchen
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