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Thread: does coconut flour taste like, well...coconut?

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    does coconut flour taste like, well...coconut?

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    Okay, My kiddos love mac and cheese. I have them off all the REALLY bad grains, but I do give them quinoa and buckwheat - they need the carbs afterall. So, I have not made mac and cheese for them in a VERY long time because I dont know what to use in place of the flour for my rue. I usually make mac and cheese with quinoa or buchwheat groats, all soaked properly before I use them to reduce al the antinutrients...just saying...I have a bag of coconut flour, but I have not openend it so I dont know if it will taste a whole lot like coconut. I dont hnk they would take kindly to coconut flavored mac and cheese. But, i only need 3 tbs. Any thoughts? And, if coconut flour is a no-go, anyone have any ideas as to a replacement for the flour in such dishes. I am perfectly happy to live th rest of my life without a flour substitute for my mac and cheese, the kids on the other hand...

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    You definitely won't be able to make a rue out of coconut flour. They (regular flour and coconut flour) are two different consistencies and the end result will not be the same. It's kind of sweet and kind of tastes like coconut but I find it pretty mild.
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    Ive not tried it, but imagine chopped cauliflower would make a good mac n cheese. Caul n cheese

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    my wife thinks anything I make with coconut oil, or flour tastes like sunscreen. I use it in spray form to coat the pan of my omlettes. zero burn. awsome

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    its very mild but yes, there is a coconut taste to it.
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    You can make a rue with arrowroot powder. I believe you need to use less arrowroot than you would flour though.

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    It won't work for a rue--I've tried for gravy, and its not good.

    In terms of grain free and semi-paleo, some folks consider arrowroot paleo. You could also try tapioca starch, or even potato starch--although they are grain free, they are certainly not really paleo/primal--and quite high carb.

    If you're giving them buckwheat and quinoa anyway, why not use buckwheat or quinoa flour? They would work, I think, and you can get the Bob's Red Mill brand at most HFS and many grocery stores too...

    HTH! Good luck figuring something out that works for you!!

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    How about using cream, and making a creamy sauce, you can add bacon
    as well, we had cornbeef the other night for tea, and I didn't want to make
    the usual white sauce with flour, so I used cream with some sliced onion and garlic
    and a bit of mustard. Let it cook till thickened, it was delish, the only way I will
    do it for now one, even the family loved it.

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