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Thread: Losing gut: Impossible

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    The stress of frustration could be making you release extra cortisol.
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    Stabby, how much fish oil are we talkin' here? And what type of fish do you recommend for this type of balancing act? (I'm partial to herring myself.)

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    I'm thinking something like Robb Wolf's fish oil calculator

    I thought he was nutzo at first but looking back at it now I realize he knows that most people are going to have downright terrible ratios to start with.

    Any fish is good as long as it offers tons of omega 3 and little omega 6. herring could work, I like salmon. Fish oil is best taken with natural mixed tocopherol to counteract the reactive oxygen species that get produced. Also it's best taken with and a lot of long-chain saturated fat (shouldn't be a problem!) to elongate it properly. It's important to only do this until the ratio is good. Drastically reduce omega 6 and increase omega 3 and then once the ratio is good go back to a normal ratio and ideally not too much of either 3 or 6 but that's a personal call I suppose. Supplementing with a little GLA throughout it may be a good idea too because without linoleic acid we can't produce GLA. Even if you can't find a practitioner to do tests I think just 1 week of this will benefit anyone without the risk of omega 3 dominance.
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