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Thread: Nutrition for heavy labour

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    Nutrition for heavy labour

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    From tommorow I am starting to work 8h somewhat demanding physical job. Any tips how I should approach that?
    I would love to keep PB work out regim on top of that so low carb out of question I believe.

    My job starts at 08:00 in the morning and finish at 17:00 so I probably gonna eat twice a day. That means I will be fasting till first lunch break.

    How my plate should look like?

    How many starchy carbs I should consume to keep getting strong?

    Looking for any kind of advice about this, thanks

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    Other than "keep getting strong" you are giving no clues as to your age, weight, height, fitness level, current diet, etc. You don't even describe the job more than "somewhat demanding".

    I found that the first couple of weeks are exhausting, but then your body adjusts and you start feeling better.

    Really, there are way too many variables for other people to tell you what to eat.

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    Total kcal (and appetite) should scale up to match the expenditure but macro proportions don't necessarily need to change much, e.g. if your rest days are happy on 20~30% carb then stick with that. If the activity is intense/anaerobic/glycolytic (seriously heavy lifting) then maybe trade a few fats for carbs but no human is doing that for 8 hours--even if they wanted to, glycogen can only replenish at a certain rate.

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