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Thread: Why are whole eggs healthy to eat

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    Have you ever read the ingredients in "cow's milk formula?"

    Similac® Advance®

    I think it's unfair to say it was the milk that did it, especially since the only "milk" ingredients in most of these "milk-based formulas" is dehydrated milk powder and whey protein. If I ever have a child, I swear I'm making my own formula.

    1.) Buy grassfed whole milk. Heat it until it steams.
    2.) Take a dozen eggs and whisk them into a bowl completely.
    3.) Slowly pour hot milk into eggs while whisking to temper.

    Bam. Baby formula. If the baby doesn't like it, I'll add maple syrup.
    Yeah, 1980 and my parents believed in what doctors advised. I also suffered colic, so my father read adding brewer's yeast to my formula helps that. Apparently it did, they said my colic went away with that addition. If only they knew about WAPF, maybe I wouldn't have had so many problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarielleGO View Post
    So my best friend likes to play the devil's advocate to everything I do or say.
    recently we argued about Primal dieting. She is open to the science behind every diet but she asks good questions back.
    Like why not eat or drink milk when you do Paleo?
    me: in theory we are not meant to drink the milk from an other animal like a cow. That milk is made for calves to grow on not humans.

    Than she asked:
    - but you eat eggs, poultry eggs aren't meant to be eaten by humans as well, the inside of the eggs are made to give the baby-bird food enough for the time it spends in there, not for humans, so why do you eat eggs? why are they healthy for you when milk isn't?

    Me: (looking like a fish trying to find a solid answer)

    So please anyone a sensible answer?
    Um... Grok would have raided nests every chance he got. Grok ate anything he could get, and eggs don't move, where milk bearing wild animals will hardly let you milk them. This is a bit silly.

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