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Thread: Protein rich meal = NAAASTY breath?

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    Protein rich meal = NAAASTY breath?

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    Is this common?

    My GF has nasty, sulfurous? (don't know how to describe it exactly) breath lately.

    At first we thought it was from eating a lot of (certain type of?) fish, but now it seems to occur after having eggs and/or (certain type of?) meat as well.

    She's not LC, I'd say MC, and doesn't eat refined sugar or grains other than rice.

    Certainly not oral hygiene related.


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    sounds like keto breath, her body may be burning ketones and this certainly does it for me. My breath could melt plastic sheet and 10 paces. It may also be something else but first check how much carbs she is eating and look up info on some herbs to eat that will tame the dragon breath.

    also may be bacteria in her guts... dont know myself.
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    It could be rotting meat in your teeth. Floss about a half hour after you eat a big protein meal... why a half hour? Just this one time to see, as soon as you dislodge a piece you'll taste what you smell.
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