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Thread: Sturated fat heart risk 'myth' - BBC News page 2

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    Although I haven't read enough to unsderstand how statins work, I get the impression that they have been used wherever a high cholesterol count is present, despite this having no bearing on whether that cholesterol will cause heart disease as atherosclerosis is not caused by cholesterol itself. Therefore, it's likely to emerge that at least 50% of people (going on averages) will have been put on muscle-wasting statins for absolutely no reason. Thats millions of people. All over the world.

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    Already the Beeb has started putting out "health" stories that offer "balanced reporting" as a response to this story:
    Saturated fat pledge 'a drop in the ocean' BBC News - Saturated fat pledge 'a drop in the ocean'
    Do you know your 'good' fat from your 'bad' fat? BBC News - Do you know your 'good' fat from your 'bad' fat?

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    @Owen. Many thanks for these links!

    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    Followed by the same thing in Australia

    Catalyst - Special Edition - Heart of the Matter

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    from the second article posted by Fifer
    "NHS Choices says we eat a lot more saturated fats than trans fats, but says reducing the amount of saturated fat is more important than reducing the amount of trans fats."
    What hope can we have for the poor sods in this country walking around in a state of chronic ill health after following all of the advice of their beneficent government?
    Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

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    Never had any issue with sat fats, that's a big part of the traditional french diet. A few years ago, an italian colleague was checked up for his cholesterol and ended up with a too high level. So he started to remove ALL fat from his diet, eating sandwiches stuffed with green beans and tomatoes, that kind of tasteless fatless meals. He did get his cholesterol to decrease. I was eating my usual camembert, fat meat, etc, and he looked at me every time as if I was digging my grave with each bite ... The reason his chol. went down is that he stopped eating crap (as in processed shit) at the same time he cut the dietary fat. But his protruding belly had not shrunk one bit. I was asking him how his belly was doing almost daily ...

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