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Thread: What do you guys think about Miralax?

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    What do you guys think about Miralax?

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    I have been severely constipated for months, about half of which I've been on minocycline for my acne. I've been taking probiotics as well. Since nothing is helping, I broke down and made an appointment with my doctor (I really don't agree with traditional medicine these days because of the complete ignorance towards nutrition).

    Immediately he asked me, "Do you get enough fiber?" to which I rolled my eyes and said "Yeah, I probably get too much". I've been trying to eat more primal and reduce the amount of carbs/fiber I get to see if that will help, so hearing that really didn't make me too thrilled. He then insisted that I need to take Miralax. He started saying how it just goes through your G.I. tract without getting absorbed by the body (really? I'm gonna need your guys' opinion on this one) and that I need to be on it for the rest of my life. Yes, you heard me, my doctor wants me to take a laxative FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

    I'm stuck; I'm so constipated and uncomfortable that I thought I'd be willing to try anything, but I really have to think about this one and get some opinions. I want to be HEALTHY and heal my gut and see if that will do anything for my constipation, but I've tried nearly everything and I'm running out of options. What would YOUR instincts tell you to do?

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    Try cascara sagrada
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    Quit the probiotics for now (my experience has been that they don't help, but it really depends on your individual issue). Try magnesium citrate for a little while. I'd take 200 mg with every meal, and add a dose/tablet as needed until you get your bowels moving normally. They should be easy to pass, and be type 3 or 4 on this chart in appearance: http://assets.foodhospital.channel4....c.fullsize.jpg (drawings of poop)

    You can also do the same with buffered Vitamin C powder. Once you have a good consistency down (schedule & ease of passage), you can troubleshoot your diet & find out what's wrong. Sometimes just one big dose of Vit C will get you flushed out and if you're desperate for immediate relief, get some epsom salt & take a dose in some juice (it tastes pretty awful). That will at least get you started with an empty bowel. Make sure to hydrate plenty & keep your sodium intake up as this will deplete your other electrolytes.

    For me, eating less starch & more fruit seems to be helping.
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