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so everyone here has suffered this flu and "broke through", and now feels 1000% better?
Everyone is different. I started reading this site in November or so, got and read the book in the new year and tried to apply the principals to myself. I stayed under the 50g, and would constantly fall off the wagon. I think I spent more time off than on honestly.

After reading a ton on here, and asking questions of those who have successfully lost weight, I tweaked my personal eating plan, I changed supplements or added as necessary and all of a sudden BANG...I start to wake up feeling awesome. Although, I'm only on the 2nd consecutive day of feeling fantastic and never ending energy, so at the back of my head I'm kinda worried that tomorrow I'll be too exhausted to do anything but the bare minimum. I woke up at 5am this morning, way before the alarm, tried to get myself back to sleep and finally gave up and went to the basement to walk on the treadmill and do some weights. I would have preferred to go outside for a nice walk/sprint or something, but the husband is away.

To answer your question, once I dedicated myself 100% it took about two weeks (BUT! After making a final tweak, I'd say closer to two days).