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Thread: Knee pain and inflammation for almost 5 months! Help!

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    Stay away from hot yoga. In fact, stay away from any yoga studio where the teachers are not skilled in anatomy.

    I fucked up my knees something fierce in July doing hot yoga. I'm *still* in pain when I bend my knees. They always tell you to "go beyond your limits" and "push yourself beyond your comfort zone". And you don't know any better because it's so effing hot in there, so you can't feel anything that hurts currently. Try telling said yoga teacher not to adjust you to go deeper? Yikes.

    I see an athletic therapist and a physio who works with athletes. They are phenomenal women, and I don't know where I'd be without them.
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    i'm convinced hot yoga is what gave me achilles and heel pain, just seems too coincidental 3 weeks in. I do remember the teacher forcing everyone to go beyond their limits by continually telling everyone to 'reach further...ect' My feet would burn during standing poses and I could feel discomfort during downward dog. I think I overdid it, too fast.

    I still want to do yoga once I'm healthy again but will be looking into Yin which is less dangerous.

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    I had the same problem for about 6 years. No pain while walking but it woke me up every night with terrible sharp pain. My doctor said it was from my back but I just couldn't accept that. I went to a chiropractor who said my hips were out of alignment and adjusted me about once a month. That seemed to bring some relief but the pain did not go away. My husband finally convinced me to buy one of those $50-ish shoe inserts from the drug store where you stand on a platform and it analyzes you and tells you which insert you need. It was almost instant relief! I put them in my shoes on Friday evening and starting Saturday all the pain went away. I guess my arches weren't what they should have been. No pain for about 2 months now. No waking up at night. I have since tried other otc inserts and go about once a week without inserts and the pain has not come back. I wanted to share this because it may help some of you who don't have a serious orthopedic problem. It is worth trying before resorting to meds or operations!

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