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Thread: Am I donig this right?

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    Am I donig this right?

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    This forum has made me realize that I was seriously overdosing on protein. Now I'm trying to track everything on Fitday while losing another 10 pounds. The problem is, I'm still hungry once I've hit all my limits (according to the formulas in The Primal Blueprint.

    Can someone help me with the math? Its never been my strong point...clearly.

    Female, 5'11, 160 lbs
    BMI 22.31
    BF:31.64 (!)
    BMR = 1534 (base) +843(activity)=2377 cal expenditure - but calorie deficit of 875 per day for weight loss = 1502/day
    LBM: 110 lbs (so, 110 x0.7 = 77 grams of protein)

    I fugured that my rough daily max should be:
    77 grams protein
    50 grams carbs
    90 grams fat

    I lost about 8 pounds last month not watching my protein or fat, and staying under 50grams carbs per day. I know I was eating way more protein than fat.

    Any insight would be great. Its too early to tell if my 60% fat, 25% protein, 15% carbs regime has produced results but I am feeling unsatisfied.

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    Forget all the math. Keep the carbs below 50 and up your fat intake until you feel satisfied. I am living proof that this works unbelievably well.

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    Thanks fxd. I guess I was surprised to see such a complicated formula in the book. I thought I better try to follow it in order to be truly Primal.

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