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Thread: Got my first organic fruits today!!

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    Got my first organic fruits today!!

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    Ok so turns out that my local supermarket does sell organic stuff! I never thought they did but there is quite a selection, its pretty basic but more then enough for me, Apples, Oranges, Lettuce, Carrots, some other fruits and vegetables ( didn't explore it all). So I bought my first batch of organic apples.

    Upon eating one I noticed, the apple feels strong and hard, not soft and squishy looking.
    Biting into it, it was delicious...Real taste and nice and crunchy.

    The organic is home brand organic, so my supermarket is Coles, its coles homebrand organic but is that ok? its organic right.

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    If it makes you happy then it is okay. I had my first organic strawberries last night. So much nicer, tastier and juicier then the other ones. I ate the whole pound.

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    I'm not a fan of supermarket chains but I think they'd be pretty careful about legitimate labeling. They should be the real deal. There's some concerns about supermarket-scale organic production - the buying processes that supermarkets use are wasteful and don't tend to give farmers a fair deal - but they're better than conventional for sure.

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