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    Can we eat Offal from grain fed animals?

    Primal Fuel
    Im finding it very difficult to buy Grass Fed Offal.
    I know the great benefits from eating Liver,Kidneys,Heart etc.
    Is it safer to eat no Grain fed offal or eat it sparingly ?
    Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.

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    Check out US Wellness Meats.

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    CAFO organs could be a problem, but grain fed doesn't automatically mean terrible. If a source is hormone- and antibiotic-free it's probably worthwhile--don't need much more than ~4 oz. per week.

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    Grain-fed meats aren't unsafe. They're just not ideal. Basically they tend to have more O6 and/or less O3 fats. The organs are still better for you than not eating organs
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