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Thread: Your Kind of Safety Glasses for Blue-light Filtering?

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    Question Your Kind of Safety Glasses for Blue-light Filtering?

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    It's well-known around here that it's wise to filter out blue light during the nighttime, such as by using orange safety glasses. Unfortunately for me, I sat on mine two nights ago, so while I can still use mine, I'll need a replacement.

    However, why settle for the same? I'd like to see if I might find a better alternative. What do you use?

    For instance, I wonder if it may actually be better to use red-tinted glasses instead. The computer program F.lux posted an update which makes the screen darker and redder accordingly, which prompted that thought. Some people on Amazon have stated red safety glasses serve that means, so I wonder as to its effective. Has anyone experimented?

    Additionally, since I'm already dorky enough, I wonder if there's a good field-of-vision-covering option, such as goggle, which will eliminate blue light from leaking around the corners. It annoys me mildly to have to keep readjusting my glasses to ensure a totally orange environment.

    What say you? Red? Orange? Goggle? . . .

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    I have been just using the standard orange Uvex and that seems to make me sleepy enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron_Swanson View Post
    I have been just using the standard orange Uvex and that seems to make me sleepy enough.
    Me too. I just started to use these. Cheap, but they seem to work.
    Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens -

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    I use HD driving glasses. They are polarized AND blue-blocker. Very calming.
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    I also use the Uxex here on Amazon.

    I interviewed Dr. Jack Kruse on artificial light and EMF here

    I also interviewed. Professor Dr. Richard Hansler from the and institute. Listen in here for information on blue light and it's other effects on hormones.

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    I have a pair of the Uvex glasses... but find them annoying, light leaks in at the bottom and they tend to slide down a bit on my nose. Mostly, I stick with an energy efficient orange lightbulb ($5 at Home Depot) pointed at the ceiling of my bedroom, and keeping the tv/tablet/etc off.

    Just started a few months ago and the difference is AMAZING. I'm actually sleeping and well-rested like a normal human! No more feeling drugged when I wake up, or after 3pm or so. No more bouts of unconsciousness at 5pm. I can't believe a stupid $5 lightbulb has fixed so many issues (I had been to the dr. earlier due to fatigue issues, and the next step was going to be a sleep study..)

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