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Thread: Maher Egg Farm - Pasture Raised Eggs?

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    Maher Egg Farm - Pasture Raised Eggs?

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    Hello all. I reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I went by a farmerís market today. I asked the owner/manager where he got his free range eggs from. He indicated that he got them from Maher Egg Farm in Prosper TX (just outside Dallas) and that the eggs are true free range (meeting the strict definition of pasture raised eggs). He was very knowledgeable and I sincerely believe he is honest.

    However, when I explored this farm further I found that Maher is one the USAís largest egg producers. It does not seem possible that such a large producer of eggs could really have true pastured chickens for laying eggs (even if they separated their operations into a conventional producing system and a pasture raised system Ė which would seem unlikely from an operational standpoint). There is so much false labeling with regard to eggs.

    I would appreciate any insight.

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    Beware the phrases "cage free" and "free roaming". With a product here that means they are in a building but not caged. It may be more disgusting than individual cages, and a lot of folks get fooled.

    Seek "free range".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grol View Post
    It may be more disgusting than individual cages
    Actually, its no where near as disgusting as battery (caged) hens.

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    I actually go to a farm to buy my eggs. The family also provides me with all my pork and beef, as well. The flocks of chickens roam all around the property, and the children literally go on an "egg hunt" daily to try to figure out where the eggs are.

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    Eggs are one of the easier products to round up from a local farm first hand. Go here and see if you can find something near where you live.

    I am in a driving co-op with a few people from the same town.......we each take turns going to a local farm for eggs once a week, they are stored in a garage with an extra fridge (or I have been involved in ones with a set meet up location and time). We have enough in the co-op that you only drive once every 12 weeks, and its just a 15 minute drive one way to the farm. We can see the chickens, chat with the farmer about their feed (no soy in ours), and so on. A lot of times if you find a farm you like, ask the farmer if they know of any driving co-ops. OR, start your own....everytime I am going out to the farm for eggs on my own, if I ask a few friends they jump at the chance to buy fresh eggs, so its usually easy to gather folks up for a co-op. Prices are usually really good. I only pay 3 dollars a dozen for mine....they are not certified organic, but they are dang close.

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    Mahard Egg Farm does not sell free range eggs

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    Hi All,

    I'm a little late to the party, as this post is about 8 months old now, but I wanted to share this info with anyone who's still interested...

    I too live in the D/FW area, and have also been to farmers markets where they advertise "Free Range Eggs, from the Mahard Egg Farm". I visited the Mahard Egg Farm website, and couldn't find anything about free range eggs. All I saw on the website, were photos of a huge factory egg farm.

    The website has a "contact us" section where you can ask a question, so I sent them the following message:


    Some of the local farmers markets here in D/FW have eggs for sale,
    advertised as being "free range eggs, from the Mahard Egg Farm".

    I don't see anything on your website about free range eggs, so I was hoping
    to get some more detailed info from you.

    Can you tell me if you do indeed sell free range eggs, and if so, can you
    provide details of how "free range" is defined, and how these eggs differ
    from your standard commercial quality eggs?
    Within a few hours, I received this response:

    Thank you for your question today! We do not have Free Range
    chickens and if the Farmers Market folks are saying that - they are making
    false claims. Our chickens are in a caged environment and their feed is
    controlled by us. Free range chickens are on the ground and eat whatever
    they can find on the ground to eat.
    So the jury is still out on whether the farmers market is intentionally lying, or if someone in the egg business duped them into buying what they claimed were free range eggs. But either way, we now have our answer about whether or not the eggs are free range..

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