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Thread: I'm starving! Ideas for cheap food?

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    Lol at Blacksmith. Organ meats and imagination is the key. Or google recipes for faggots (means something different in the uk)
    Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaceyUK View Post
    Or google recipes for faggots
    I'd advice against Googling that.

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    Wow, you folks really came out in force, thanks for all the wonderful tips!

    I'll try to give some glancing feedback, but that's a lot of posts to answer.
    -I'm still trying to lower my body fat % so I'm trying to stay higher fat and protein and lower carb, that is why I resist the ubiquitous banana and pineapple.
    -I only avoid meats for the costs, but maybe organ meats would be more affordable, I'll look into it.
    -I love spam but avoid the stuff when possible, however, it is my go to camping food
    -Gelatin is a GREAT idea, I'm going to be looking for ways to work that in post haste.
    -That chico-coconut oil fat bar sounds awesome, I will be trying that out soon

    Thanks again for all the awesome feedback, you guys make MDA shine!

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    Sambo, the fat loss with outdoorsy work involved might be actually aided by higher carb-lower fat version of Paleo, and it can fit better with your environment. Right now you sort of going against what's available. Honestly, fresh local banana and pineapple are food, while SPAM... not so much.
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