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Thread: 6 Foot/19 Year Old Male/110 Pounds: Need Help Gaining/Understanding!

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    6 Foot/19 Year Old Male/110 Pounds: Need Help Gaining/Understanding!

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    Hello! HardgainGrok1836 here!

    I have been an avid reader of Marks Daily Apple, and the forums for approximately two months. I have been actively and effectively pursuing the primal lifestyle and have been loving the way I feel, and the amount of energy I have. But I have a problem that I would appreciate some help with, so I knew it was time to enter the community and seek your knowledge!

    Before I start, as this is my first post I want to be clear, that I apologize for formatting and for any other issues that arise from this post. And I hope I Put it in the correct section!!!!

    A little back story first: I am 19 years old and am 6 feet tall and weigh in at 110 pounds. I used to participate in Chronic Cardio and eat a SAD diet (Never drank soda or ate sweets though) and would run rain or shine about 6 times a week, and I would never go to the gym. I withered away from 130 pounds to 110 pounds in about 2 months.

    Currently I go to the gym four times a week and follow a basic lifting program where I dead lift, squat, do rows, pull-ups, overhead shoulder press etc. these gym sessions last about 30-40 minutes and then I go for 1-2 mile walks after the gym. I walk everywhere because I love and enjoy it. I stopped running completely and now sprint occasionally on weekends when I feel like it. I have been slowly increasing my weight at the gym and making progress there, but my bodyweight has not changed at all, I am still 110 pounds! Everyone tells me I am way too skinny and that I should eat more. I agree with them but I feel as though I already eat plenty, especially after switching to a primal diet! I do not like to snack; I prefer to eat three square meals a day of real food (No Shakes). So it has been a struggle. Sometimes I psych myself out and think I eat way to much.
    I am trying to get back to 125-130 pounds or more! I am seeking to gain lean muscle and get back to a healthy weight. I am tired of being that guy that struggles to complete 3 sets of bench press X 10 reps at 45 pound bar weight ☹

    I love to cook, and am formally and informally trained in the art of cooking, so making various dishes etc.. is not an issue! I cook with bacon fat, Kerrygolds, olive oil, and coconut oil.

    Examples of what I eat

    Example 1). 3 Egg omelets with Diced Ham, Turkey, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach
    2 cups of black coffee
    Example 2). 1 egg, 1 sausage, 1/3 sweet potato, 1 stalk kale, ½ onion breakfast skillet.

    Example 1). Chicken Livers with steamed broccoli and ½ sautéed onion.

    Example 2). 1 Homemade salmon patty with 1 cupish spinach and steamed broccoli

    Example 3). Can of natural sardines in water stir fried with ½ onion, ¼ cup nuts and cauliflower rice.

    Example 1). 2 Zucchini and about 5 or 6 meatballs in homemade red sauce, topped with mushrooms and olives
    Example 2). Primal Orange chicken with steamed broccoli
    Example 3). Marks Macadamia nut shrimp (I eat half a full recipe) served over cauliflower rice
    Example 4). ½ of a 1 LB Meatza (Extremely Rarely eat that much)

    1. Do I need to eat more? And how do I do so? Am I really a “Hardgainer?”

    2. Am I exercising too much or too little?

    3. How do I gain weight in a safe, steady manner that contributes to lean muscle and not pounds of fat!

    4. Please share anything you think is valuable, and thank you for taking the time to read about my struggle.

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    1. Yes, your meals sound way too light to me. Don't count your food, don't track it, just eat. More carbs would likely be great for you. Eat some fruit!

    2. I'm not an expert in this arena in the least, but your workouts sound great to me.

    3. I really don't think you need to worry about this. You're young, active, and will be eating well. Worry less, eat more!
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    Eat more in general. If you can't physically stomach much more than what you are eating, start drinking more calories. Lots of milk if you aren't intolerant. Throw in some steaks now and then. Teach yourself to eat more, it tends to be more mind over matter in those regards.

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    6 feet and 110?!?

    Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat

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    Also, eat.

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    I know you said you do not like to snack but that is an easy way to increase your daily calories. Maybe try to get 4 meals instead of 3.
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    Add more fat and carbs. Don't steam the vegetables, instead sauté in some butter and olive oil. Have an orange or half a papaya for dessert with your meals.
    Add some coconut cream and sugar/ honey to your coffee
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    I'd like to think your work out is great. Maybe too much weight lifting according to Marks advise but the guys here on the board seem all to have a great time lifting weights more regularly, so I bet you are okay with that.

    So, I agree with the others you really need to eat more.
    Looking at what you are eating is about the same as I eat. But I snack besides that! I eat nuts, dried fruits, normal fruits and dark chocolate next to it. Besides I'm loosing weight, not gaining! So yeah, you need to up it...

    If you really don't like to snack you might want to try a few things:
    - Eat sweet potato at dinner! (as an extra, not switching with lunch) if you want to work out like that your body needs at least a bit of carbs.
    - Add a few nuts. you can make a desert from nuts, fruits and maybe even a bit of dark chocolate. (with or without full fat cream or coconut cream)
    - if you want to gain more weight by adding more muscles, eating lots of proteins might help you greatly. Perhaps it's an idea to double your meat portions during your 3 meals.

    Remember that it's important to listen to how you feel. People can tell you, you look too skinny but if you feel healthy and happy than you shouldn't change what you are doing. It's not important what other people think.
    Also you need to let go of micro-managing your intake. if you worry about your intake being enough go ahead and track it for a few days but don't make it an obsession.
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    You have to find which foods make you gain weight. For me it's bananas, almonds and cashews. You COULD eat fast food just to bulk up but of course, that's exactly not recommended here.

    Sidebar: When I joined the Military back in 1982 they weighed me in at 6'0", 155 lbs and a 31" waist! And that was when I was eating everything in sight! Can't imagine being as slim as the OP.
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    Thanks for the advice so far! And yeah I have a 30inch waste but I am thin, my friends joke with me that if I turn sideways I become invisible.

    Seems like the way to approach this is to just try to eat larger meals without feeling guilty, which is tough on days I do not lift/exercise! And I have never counted calories and do not plan on doing so!

    Maybe add nuts to my cauliflower rice etc... to add extra calories here and there?

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