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Thread: Dinner out tonight

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    Dinner out tonight

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    We went to Outback!!

    I did have a bit of the Bloomin Onion YUM, but I did not have the bread. I had a delicious 6 oz sirlion with 2 Alaskan King Crab legs dipped in butter with broccoli instead of the potato.

    Pretty proud of myself!

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    Sounds like a good choice. Those bloomin onions are evil. I used to watch my ex-boyfriend eat a whole one plus the sauce as well as a loaf of that bread as his meal every time we went to Outback. Then he napped from the carb/gluten overload.

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    I always get the chargirlled rib eye or victoria filet! The bread is just a brown oval to me now Im fine not eating it, and im glad you stayed strong too!

    crab legsss yummmmmmmm

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    Great job!

    I love to eat out now, I can get good meat and veggies and not worry about over eating!

    Bread, what bread? I don't even see it anymore!
    Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!

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    I wish I could say I was there with the bread. It was very difficult NOT to have some or the baked potato. I love warm bread and butter.

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    I LOVE their steak & lobster or steak & crab legs specials. They are a good deal too - lobster is expensive, even living near the coast. Always ask for extra butter - it is great on the steak too!

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