Does anyone suffer from uncontrollably eating, even when you're clearly full and don't want more food? I'm a college student on a mandatory meal plan, and usually my meals are some variation of the following:

Breakfast: 3 HB eggs, some sausage/gluten-free meat, sometimes a bowl of sliced fruit and/or banana/apple; black coffee
Lunch: 3-4 thin hamburger patties and chicken breast (littered with PUFAs and doused in canola oil), salad, sometimes fruit
Dinner: same as lunch, some diced sweet potato/grilled veggie entree if it's available, sometimes scoop of ice cream and fruit

For the past few nights, I've come back after dinner and microwaved like 3 medium- to large-sized sweet potatoes, smothered them with butter, and ate them on top of my meals!

I've noticed I tend to do this when I've stressed (even when I don't realize it externally) or procrastinating. I try to distract myself, but sometimes I think that I simply can't keep food in my fridge anymore, even if it's "healthy" like sweet potatoes -- I just eat it all!

Is this due to lack of self-control? Am I not absorbing enough nutrients from the cafeteria food and therefore feeling like I need to stuff myself with additional (unnecessary) calories to compensate? I'd like to lose about 20-30 lbs.

Thanks much for the advice!