I'm guessing Grok would use a spear, but do we have better methods available today?

I went to court this morning as the plaintiff in a small claims case. This guy owns the condo above me (but doesn't live there), he had a leak in his bathtub and pipe that damaged my ceiling, our condo docs specify that our pipes are part of our unit and we're responsible for damage to other units, he hired a handyman to make some of my repairs, and he just didn't finish the job. I'm asking for $300 to cover the rest of the repairs.

The defendant's response has been a strange mix of cooperation, denial of responsibility, and silence. I got a letter from his insurance company - apparently he filed a liability claim, which they are investigating because he may have violated the terms of his policy by voluntarily making some payments. Anyway, his insurance company hired a lawyer to represent him. (How much will that cost them? Surely more than $300, right?)

Today I finally went to what I thought was going to be the trial, but all that happened today was that the judge set a date for the trial 3 months from now. Now I have to fill out a Bill of Particulars by stating all the reasons why I think the defendant owes me money, then he responds, then we have the trial.

Since he really has no case, I thought he was just not going to show up and I'd win a default judgment. Now he has a free lawyer with who knows what tricks up his sleeve, and the trial could keep getting pushed out or appealed. Any tips to make this deadbeat pay?