I just wanted to let people know about this as it is somewhat time sensitive. If you are healthy and self insured AND make too much money to get a subsidy, you probably saw a rate hike on exchange policies. Mine went from $125 or so to over $300 with a $1750 increase in deductible/out of pocket. The only difference is that my current policy excludes maternity, but otherwise it is the same policy in terms of coverage and free wellness care.

LOL, so Obamacare made my coverage LESS affordable, IMO unacceptable.

I called my current insurer and what they are doing for me is cancelling my existing policy on November 30, 2013 and starting a new policy on December 1, 2013. My plan will be what I have today- $5000 deductible/$125 premium. My existing policy expires December 31, 2013 and as of January 1, 2014 they are not able to sell me this policy anymore. However, they can sell it to me in 2013 with a 12 month commitment (so the policy is valid/legal etc. they just can not sell it to me in 2014 because it will be against the law).

So, if you are taking a hit on the exchange, this is something you can look into and it will at least save you money for a year.

I'm very disappointed that our President lied about "keeping insurance you are happy with". I was very happy NOT paying for maternity coverage I did not need, which according to my insurer is a big reason behind my price jump.

I hope this helps someone else out. I for one was relieved when I knew I could wait a year for having to find an extra $200 a month in my budget for something I do not use.