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    I don't think it should really matter if you eat veggies and meat at the same time or separately, but you can always try. I agree that prunes would be good to try, but you should definitely try to sort out the cause & only use natural laxatives as a temporary measure.

    A stool test through your doctor could help identify any bacterial issues, but try some saurkraut, or just the juice from the jar for probiotics. You can also try eating more starches, if you are not eating them.
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    Irregular in what way?

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    Ill get some prunes and sauerkraut tomorrow. By irregular i mean, 2 days no stool, 2 days stool, and last three days no stool. Better luck tomorrow. Been driving 1hr a couple days this week to my home town from college. Could this contribute to it? Again, i have no pain or bloating.

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    Ditching the green vegetables and having a carrot salad (with coconut oil not olive) and daily aspirin (or 3) is what has helped me. Sugar from fruit is also key.

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    I find that if I don't eat enough fruit, then I have problems. Berries and dates work well. ( Though too many dates work too well for me)

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    Constipation usually happens if a person doesn't have a bowel movement at the very least every other day. In a perfect world you would use the bathroom 1-2 times daily all the same time. I would suggest increasing Magnesium preferably Citrate at about 600 - 800 mg a day should help loosen the stools. Vitamin C at 2,000 mg daily can help as well. I would also take Unifiber, the cellulose as insoluble fiber might help regularity and contribute less to IBS and SIBO. Drink plenty of water, get your salt, and exercise!
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